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Meet Our Patients

If the dream of having a family of your own seems out of reach, listen to what people are saying about Advanced Fertility Associates Medical Group.

Juan’s story:

The first time I saw Dr. Ratcliffe, I thought she could make a miracle.  I had a feeling this clinic was a good place.  All the people at Advanced Fertility are really nice, from the receptionist, to Medical Assistants, to the embryologist, Fertility nurse to Medical Director.  They walk you through the process, step by step.  It was a really good experience for my wife and me.  It was clear it was Dr. Ratcliffe’s goal to help my wife get pregnant and now we have a cute, healthy baby boy! We are looking forward for our next baby!

Karina’s story:

My partner and I had been going to a different clinic and trying to get pregnant for a long time.  We had lost hope.  Then, I heard great things about Advanced Fertility.   I even heard people from outside of this country had come to Dr. Ratcliffe.  We met with Dr. Ratcliffe herself and it was clear she knew what she was doing.  At the other clinic the questions we had either went unanswered or did not make sense.  We never even met with the Doctor at the other clinic.  This was our last attempt and thanks to Dr. Ratcliffe and the amazing staff at Advanced Fertility, we now have our miracle baby girl.