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Digital Ovulation Predictor Kit Instructions

Recommended Brand: Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test  (NOT the monitor)

Please READ the instructions in the kit carefully before you perform your first test.

 All ovulation kits detect LH.  The aim is to detect the rise in LH levels that indicates the LH surge.  The initial rise in LH is what triggers ovulation 36-44 hours later.  This is more consistent and reliable than the interval from the peak of the LH surge to ovulation.

 The digital ovulation kit has a small unit (like a USBdrive) that can read the color that develops on the stick after you perform the test.  The detector uses the color that develops on the first day that you test as your background level of LH.  Different women have different background levels of LH. 

 Because it uses the FIRST day you TEST as the background level, there is the possibility that you can miss ovulation if you begin the test too late (or too early when you have a follicular surge in LH). 

 The detector then monitors for a significant increase in the color on the stick.  When it first detects this significant increase, it will give you the positive signal (smiley face) for ovulation.

 Begin testing on cycle day 9 if you have 28-30 day cycles or are taking clomid.

 Begin testing on cycle day 7 if you have 26-27 day cycles.

 Begin testing on cycle day 11 if you have 31-33 day cycles.

  1.  Do not test with your first morning void.  This causes false positives due to the concentrated urine.  A better time to test is between 8 AM and 11:30 AM daily.
  2. Please call the office Monday thru Friday before noon to advise us of any color change so that we can arrange any needed appointments accordingly.  
  3. For Saturday or Sunday color changes, please call the office and ask the answering service to speak with the doctor directly, before noon.  They will try to reach us.  If we are not immediately available, the service will take a message and we will call you back to arrange for your insemination.  Please note that any weekend hours are limited and typically we are not in the office after noon.  If you have not heard from the office or the doctor by5PM please call again to insure that an appointment is scheduled.