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Semen Collection Instructions

Please read the following guidelines before the collection of the sample:

  • If you are currently taking any medications please inform the physician prior to collecting your sample.
  • Before collecting a specimen please wash your hands and penis thoroughly and rinse well to remove any soap residue.
  • A one to three day abstinence period is recommended prior to producing a specimen for semen washing.
  • The specimen must be received within one hour after it has been obtained. The specimen must be transported at room or body temperature.
  • A masturbated sample is strongly advised.
  • Do not have intercourse, withdraw the penis and then obtain the sample. This will interfere with the quality of the specimen. (Note: if this is the only way than you can obtain the sample, contact your doctor and a special collection kit will be furnished.)
  • Collect the sample directly into the sterile container. Replace the lid securely.
  • Label the container with your name and your partner’s name, your doctor’s name, the date and time of collection.
  • Please, notify the office when you arrive if any of the sample has spilled or if there have been any problems with the collection of your sample. This will allow us to determine if a second collection is needed for an adequate sample.
  • It is necessary to schedule an appointment prior to bringing in a sample. Call your provider and our office at 707-575-5831 to arrange this.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call the office.

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