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Ovulation Predictor Kit Instructions

The directions included with the kits are dated and do not reflect our current understanding of reproductive physiology. Please discard them.

Recommended Brands: OvuQuick, Clear Plan Easy (not the monitor, the kits) or any other brand name kits are best.

Begin testing on cycle day 11. For those with unusual cycle lengths please speak with the office to adjust the starting time. If a line appears on this day we consider this to be your baseline color. Some women will have a light line due to the production of LH.

Do not test with your first morning void. This causes false positives due to the concentrated urine. A better time to test would be between 8 AM and 11:30 AM daily.

Due to the variation in LH peaks at the time of ovulation report ANY color change clearly darker than your baseline color. Hold the stick at arm’s length; if it looks darker then the day prior call us to report a color change.

Please DO NOT wait until the line is as dark as the control line; you may miss your ovulation.

Please call the office Monday thru Friday before noon to advise us of any color change so that we can arrange any needed appointments accordingly.

On Saturday or Sunday color changes please call the office and ask the answering service to speak with the doctor directly. They will try to reach us in the office and if we are not available will take a message. Please note that any weekend hours are limited and typically we are not in the office after noon. If you have not heard from the office or the doctor by 5PM please call again to insure that an appointment is scheduled.

Occasionally the doctor cannot return your call immediately. We will usually call you within 1-2 hours so please leave a number with the answering service where you can be reached or where we can leave a message.

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