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Now That You’re Pregnant

Congratulations!  This is an exciting time.  Try to relax and enjoy it!

Information you may need:

If you haven’t already, call the office to schedule your pregnancy confirmation ultrasound.  We like to do these ultrasounds early in the first trimester to 1) Confirm the number of pregnancies 2) Confirm that the pregnancy(ies) is in the uterus 3) Confirm that the pregnancy is growing appropriately.

We cannot see a pregnancy sac in the uterus until 5 1/2 weeks of gestation.  This is 24 days after an insemination or egg retrieval.  If we are worried about an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy outside of the uterus), we will schedule your first ultrasound at 5 1/2 weeks.

We cannot reliably see a fetus with a heartbeat until 6 1/2 weeks of gestation or 31 days after an egg retrieval.  This is what we want to confirm for most pregnancies so this is when we perform the first ultrasound for our IVF patients.

If you had an insemination, we do not know the exact time of fertilization and thus we schedule the first ultrasound a little later at 7 weeks of gestation or 3 weeks after your insemination.

If you are on any progesterone or estrogen supplementation, the dose may decrease or the form may change after the pregnancy test. You should have gotten specific instructions when we called you with the test results.  If you are unsure about those instructions, call the office immediately.  The hormone supplements will continue until 10 weeks of gestation.

Spotting and bleeding are VERY common in the first trimester.  7 our of 10 women will experience some bleeding.  In most of these cases it is completely normal.  Three things cause this: 1) irritation to the cervix during the insemination or embryo transfer 2) Cervical remodelling 3) placental invasion into the endometrium.  All of these events are completely normal and expected.